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AmyLyn Bihrle

You host the event... we bring the horse

You host the event...
we bring the horse.

A special day.
There are very few of them
in our lifetime. So you want yours to be extra special and unique. Careful planning and choices are very important. How can the moment, the hour or the day be savored?
Usually this happens with photographs and/or videos. What about inviting a beautiful black Friesian horse to your affair?
It is like producing your own album, film or a book of poetry. And you are
the star.
It is all possible by inviting The Black Horse Event to your party. We will bring the perfect guest for your perfect celebration!

A perfect icon
for your perfect celebration!
 Wedding Photographs
 and Videos  
Bar/Bat Mitzvah
Bring some attention to
your fund raising event
Create a theme for special events or surprise parties
Sweet 16 Parties
Corporate Events
Introduce a new
product line

Grand openings        
Engagement Parties
Bride & Groom Photos by Deja Vu Studios, Mineola, New York
Oheka Castle, Huntington, LI / March 19, 2016

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Tel: 631 905 5597
of the
At one time it was believed
that horses were first
domesticated- using inflated evolutionary years- about
8,000 years ago. But several instances bases on horses
teeth and wear patterns have now turned up in much more ancient sites.
Man may have had a partnership with the horse for much longer than this.


When you are buying
a horse, take care not
to fall in love with him,
for when this passion
hath once seized you,       you are no longer in a     condition to judge his       imperfections.
                 -Sleur de Sollesell
The majestic presence of the Friesian horse greatly enhances and elevates the originality of any party.
This exquisite horse breed brings a unique dimension to any event, by providing interaction and an unforgettable experience for the entire audience.

The feeling of true power so calmly and peacefully emanating from his pure and gentle creature makes the memory of your occasion something to behold and treasure forever.


The horse
as a companion

from both sides

The regal beauty of this breed derives from their noble
appearance and demeanor. Their presence is compellingly attractive. They hold their heads high in the manner of the horses depicted in medieval tapestries.

Friesians actually date far back in history. The breed was used by knights in courtly combat  and jousts.

Friesians photograph
beautifully and look very
magestic when adored
with flowers and other
Their jet black color is a
beautiful contrast to all
occasions. Colorful
enhancements can be arranged to match any  decor or the color theme
of your event.

And he dances

Friesians are fun to be around.
They are somewhat different
than other horses. They are
gentle giants and love to have
fun. Tasso has learned to         dance from the left side and from the right side.
The few tricks he knows always
brings smiles to those who
observe him.
And they brought their cattle
unto Joseph: and Joseph gave
them bread [in exchange] for
                   Genesis 47:17a
You host the event... we bring the horse

Pricing choices for your event

The Bridle

The Half Halt

The Snaffle Bit

         $950 total
Includes horse transport
to & from location
within 50 miles, adornments &
         insurance- $275
 One hour
on location- $675*
 1/3 deposit
due at booking, 
         balance on day of event                                   
          $1250 total
  Includes horse transport
        to & from location      within 50 miles,
 adornments &     insurance- $275
 One + 1/2 hours
on location- $975*
 1/3 deposit
due at booking, 
          balance on day of event                                   
         $1575 total
 Includes horse transport  to & from location
within 50 miles,
     adornments &           insurance- $275
Two hours
on location- $1300*
 1/3 deposit
due at booking, 
         balance on day of event           
horse decoration requests
will be priced accordingly
horse decoration requests
will be priced accordingly
horse decoration requests
will be priced accordingly
The horse will be attended 100% of the time by two handlers.  He will be in a bridle or halter and on a lead line at all times. He can be presented with or without a black saddle. Seating on the horse is prohibited.
The horse is very mellow and gentle and is to be presented as a "prop" on the premises or in the photoshoot. Sudden aggressive moves are NEVER advisable around any horse breed. The Black Horse Event carries a liability insurance policy, however, a liability waiver form will be required upon engagement.